Reduce costs and improve the resident’s quality of live through vehicle pooling solutions.

Get more value out of your delivery vehicles

Increase your delivery results with our smart routing and multiple vehicle types

Full control
of your Fleet

Get insights about your vehicles and increase the transparency in all aspects of the fleet. All data is accessible within a full-fledged administration dashboard. Check the real-time data on your vehicle information (position, fuel / capacity etc.) and your economics (costs per vehicle) whenever you wish.

To support your daily work, we optimized fleet management processes. Enjoy a fully digital issue management with an automatic payment integration for your vehicles and delivery employees.

Within the app people can choose the right vehicle type for their work. We support kick-scooters, bikes, cars and mopeds.

Our main

  • 1

    Lock & Unlock

    Control your vehicles from remote. Send commands to lock or unlock your vehicles with immediate feedback from our dashboard or our app.

  • 2

    Security & Theft

    Get the real-time position of your vehicles whenever you wish. Our system will notify you if the vehicle starts moving without an active rent / use of authorized persons.

  • 3

    Smart Routing

    Plan the routes of your delivery team. Our algorithms optimize the route of your team and tell them where to go.

  • 4

    Booking / calendar

    Your employees can book vehicle types in advance and choose the right vehicle type in advance. You can also assign vehicles to certain employees.

  • 5

    Issue Management

    Manage all damages and fines central within the dashboard. Your employees can be directly charged for fines with our automatized payment system.

How does it

  • Vehicles & Charging

    Choose your desired pool vehicles and charging infrastructure. We support currently eScooters, eBikes, cars and kick-scooters.

  • Dashboard

    Enjoy fully automatic route planning for your service team, vehicle and customer management.

  • App

    Provide a white labeled app to your users for iOS and Android.

  • Improve

    Lower your customer and vehicle management efforts with our technologies.